Motorway Driving Lessons Ilford

If you have passed your driving test already and are looking for motorway driving lessons in ilford our driving school ilford teach them. Driver's may not know how to drive on the U.K's motorways because when learning to drive in ilford you are not allowed to learn on the motorway until they pass. So going on a motorway the day or even months after passing could be dangerous.

Speeds on motorways normally are up to 70 miles per hour, which are very fast compared to local driving at 30 miles per hour. It will take a little coaching from our driving instructors in ilford to get you driving at faster motorway speeds. Its not all about speed though, theres special procedures to follow when joining and leaving motorways. What to do on a motorway to change lanes at high speed. Although you may have some knowledge of lane changing and joining dual carriageways and leaving them, this will be used and built upon by your ilford driving instructor.

Whats our charge for Motorway driving lessons in ilford? £25 per hour is the price for safe driving for life on motorways and making sure all your passengers feel safe. Motorway driving is also covered in our Pass Plus course. We offer motorway driving lessons in manual and automatic cars with a choice of male and female driving instructors in ilford.

All our driving lesson ilford instructors are DBS checked by the DVSA.

All Ilford School of motoring and A Class Learners driving instructors have a range from 4 years to 35 years teaching experience.

We only have fully qualified driving lesson instructors working with us (Green Badge Holders Only). Our ilford driving lesson instructors follow the DVSA syllabus and guide you every step of the way.

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