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Driving Lessons Clayhall

Take manual driving lessons in Clayhall 5 for £110 and for automatic driving lessons 5 for £120. We cover the area of Clayhall for driving lessons and surrounding Ilford areas. We have some very good pass rates and you can see this on our reviews page. Ilford School of Motoring is owned by A Class Learners and our driving lessons in Clayhall are conducted in conjuction with each other.

All These Learners Rated us 5 Stars!

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Driving Instructors Clayhall

If you are searching for driving instructors in Clayhall, we are the driving school for you, as our Clayhall driving instructors are all fully qualified and have more experience than any other instructors in the Clayhall area. With more pass pictures Our driving instructors in Clayhall are polite friendly and punctual which is probably what you want when you want to learn how to drive in Clayhall.

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Driving School Clayhall

Our driving school has been around since 2008 and has been successfully teaching learners in Clayhall to drive and pass thier driving test at Clayhall and Barking test centres. If you are looking for a driving school in Clayhall with a great pass rate, the only way to check this is to check for pass pictures as their are other driving schools in Clayhall that are claiming thay have good pass rates, but they have hardly any pass pictures compared to our Clayhall driving school.

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